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zand craig

Special PRojects

When Zand is not working on projects you will often find him in the kitchen preparing food for a table awash with laughter and surrounded by friends, or exploring the coastlines and hilltops of our beautiful planet. He initiated Classroom Alive: Ireland – a 2 1/2 month learning journey that travelled 900km on foot from the south to the north of Ireland. 

Zand’s simple commitment through his work is to cultivate spaces, moments and possibilities where people may choose to turn to each other, rather than on each other, when facing into the challenges of our time. 

Zand spent much of his early professional life working with organizations such as Corrymeela and TIDES Training to facilitate and empower communities involved in the Northern Ireland conflict to find peaceful paths forward together. In 2011, Zand moved to Sweden to study for a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) at Belkinge Institute of Technology. Following MSLS he spent three years working as a process facilitator and social entrepreneur on a variety of projects across Scandinavia and Ireland before joining the MSLS program team in 2015 to develop and co-host the ‘Leading in Complexity’ track of the program.