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Simone Reeves

special projects

There is a Swahili proverb “Kujikwaa si kuanguka, bali ni kwenda mbele,” which can be translated as “To stumble is not falling down, it is still moving forward.”  Simone, who was born in Kenya, finds this outlook a useful one. This switching of perspective to perceive impediments as possible advantages continues to inform the diverse projects Simone has coordinated.

Simone has served as global head of HR and group development at a dynamic international oil company (Puma Energy) where she built and managed the entire HR function, and led HR due-diligence and integration of multi-country acquisitions. With over 2 decades in the private sector in various regional and global HR Leadership roles, Simone has learned a lot about reinvention.
Simone was co-creator of the collaborative G3iD event on sustainability goals that brought together civil society and for-profit actors in Geneva. Her clients at the UN, Save the Children, Action contre la Faim, and IOM (during the Ebola crisis) taught her a lot about development dynamics and working in an International Cooperation context.

A generalist by nature, Simone thinks systemically and is human-centric in her approach.  She has a knack for disrupting status quo thinking.  Simone graduated with a triple-degree from the UK, Germany and France, where she read law, economics and business.  She also holds an MBA from Barcelona. She is an accredited systems coach trained in various advanced coaching and facilitation methods. She lives in Geneva (Switzerland), where the global outlook enables her to ask a lot of questions in the 4 languages she is fluent in.

Simone is passionate about discovering and nurturing talent, unlocking conversations that generate insight and impact, and doing what she feels matters most- with people who care. And walking down mountains.