Sam grew up in the UK, until an early life crisis took him off on various adventures in the jungles of Borneo, plains of Australia, and rainforests of New Zealand.

Sam is the quite predictable offspring of an academic and an entrepreneur, embodying the marriage of these two mindsets as he has worked in multiple creative capacities across a wide range of sectors, disciplines, and cultures.  He eventually accepted that “Unapologetic Generalist” would be his job title for the foreseeable future.  That is, until he realised there was already a name for this: Strategic Designer.

Sam came to social labs practice, and eventually Roller Strategies, through co-leading Lifehack in New Zealand.  Lifehack is a social lab working on youth mental health and wellbeing. Having experienced firsthand the isolation and challenges of life working at the coal face of social labs, he led our mission to build a community of practice for people working on complex challenges around the world.

Sam has settled in Wurrunderij country in the Yarra Ranges in Victoria, Australia, is partial to good coffee, and often wanders in the tall trees and quiet forests surrounding his home where he lives with his growing family. He is currently focused on building participatory design and complexity practice in the Australian Impact Sector, and working towards a biodiversity regeneration lab in Australia &/or Aotearoa NZ.