Safer Through Unity is a Rapid Action Lab launched in July 2017 by the United Way of Metro Chicago and Roller Strategies. The Lab is working to address the following question:

How can we work together to support children and families to be safe from violence and deportation in their neighborhoods?

Over 2.5 days, Safer Through Unity launched 6 teams prototyping for social impact on the South and West Sides of Chicago, in Brighton Park, Little Village, and Austin neighborhoods.

A Rapid Action Lab is a strategy for rapid social impact designed to quickly equip and deploy teams when urgent, systemic solutions are needed for pressing and complex social challenges.

The Safer Through Unity Archive is a documentary archive spanning the time period of June -July 2017.  It includes materials used in the design, convening, and facilitation of the Rapid Action Lab, as well as written, photo, and video documentation of the process and initial outcomes of the Lab.

This archive is meant to provide resources and support to other change agents, neighborhoods, community based organizations, and sanctuary cities who wish to design, launch or participate in a Rapid Action Lab.