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Mike Metelits


Mike donated The Marion Stokes Collection of 30 years of videotaped local and national television news, and is working with the Internet Archive to digitise and publicise the collection.  Marion Stokes (Mike’s mother) videotaped the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- producing 140,000 tapes as her life’s work and contribution to the public good.

Mike's professional background includes management and innovation consulting, leading the content team for the Idea Factory Europe, and business and tech reporting for South Africa's first web newspaper, The Daily Mail, & The Guardian.  He has studied the politics of financial institutions in Africa at Berkeley’s Department of Political Science. 

Mike worked in intellectual property commercialisation in UK higher education, serving as Director of Business Development at Goldsmiths, University of London. Aside from developing the University of London's Centre for Creative Collaboration in King's Cross, he also sat on the Board of the Emerald Fund (London Development Agency fund for commercialising IP) and the Capital Culture Exchange- a consortium of London's premier arts-based institutions. 

Mike holds an MA in Political Science from Berkeley, University of California, and an ALB in Philosophy from Harvard University.  He practices Taiji, Aikido and studies magic.