Special Projects

Matt runs a free-range, organic chicken farm in New Hampshire. He is currently fighting to prevent his chickens from unionising. Matt brings 30 years of experience building teams and coaching leaders to this problem. The chickens of course don't care. 

Over the last decade Matt has played a key role in bringing the practice of agility to addressing complex social challenges. He worked with Reos Partners to help port and adapt agile approaches to the challenges of developing metropolitan agriculture, as well as advising on a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives. 

Matt’s personal and institutional coaching is strongly aligned to the metaphor of teaching a child to ride a bike: mechanics are initially foreign to the young and so we must take care to do two things – first teach the love of riding and second create the confidence to succeed. The objective is to teach the mechanics in a safe environment, but release as soon as they are ready to ride on their own. 

He graduated from the State University of NY and Clarkson College of Technology. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on Agile Methods and social complexity issues associated with organizational transformations.  Matt has lectured at the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Palermo, the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, and the National University of Science and Technology in Lahore.