Director of Operations & Co-Founder

Leo grew up in Milton Keynes, one of the United Kingdom’s most innovative and under-rated “new cities”, and home to the radical Open University. Leo grew up surrounded by his highly accomplished academic family wondering, at every meal, if his destiny was to lose his mind. 

Taking the path of any self-respecting youngest son, Leo firmly rejected this epistemological psychobabble, breaking the family mould. Moonlighting as a day-trader he soon found his métier as a serial entrepreneur. 

Leo was Finance Manager at Reos Partners for several years, before leaving to lead the transformation and sale of a popular online meeting scheduler in 2015. He played an instrumental part in launching the global social labs community. In 2016 he became a Co-Founder in Roller.
He lives by the motto “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” and loves agile, fintech, and anything with wheels. He is the only person on the team who works on Windows. He still lives in Milton Keynes.