Complexity is on the rise, and business as usual strategies no longer cut the mustard. Our approach enables organisations to address big challenges such as poverty, ethnic conflict, and climate change in a more fluid, adaptive and effective way. Through our work we generate real-world on-the-ground impact, and not just more glossy reports. 

In this course we'll teach you our ways, and you'll learn how to develop powerful and innovative strategic responses to complex challenges through social labs.

how to solve complex challenges

Over three days participants will deepen their understanding of both the strategic and the tactical aspects of setting up social labs. This will include framing the business case for labs, setting the challenge, the relationship of scale to the overall strategy of the lab, practical details on the design of social labs, what a “Minimal Viable Social Lab” looks like, and more.

At the end of three days, participants leave with a clear idea of what it takes to design a social lab and how to go about this task. The course will consist of a combination of small group and plenary work, with many opportunities for peer learning. You will work in small groups to apply learning to your own challenges.

The course consists of six half-day modules. Four of these modules are focused on the team-challenge, resulting in participants learning how to design a social lab around their challenge. The goals of the course are:

  • Participants acquire practical skills and knowledge required to design social labs

  • Participants gain experience of the application of the labs approach to a real-world challenge

  • Participants leave with an understanding of how to make the business case for social labs

This is a foundational course. The approach is to support participants to internalize a number of core concepts that provide a foundation for using various techniques in the context of complex social challenges.

LIAB Online

As the revolution heats up, more and more people are launching social labs. How best can we support those of you launching labs?

Limited to 10 places on a first come first serve basis we support small cohorts to get their labs off the ground or back on track through a three week online intensive course. 

The course will consist of 2x weekly sessions for three weeks, with additional one-on-one coaching and a trouble shooting session each week for the duration of the course.

Participants will be provided with materials, structured coaching and one-on-one troubleshooting. The course will be intensive, in that participants will have reading and assignments they will need to complete and we will be doing work real-time with our whole team available to support practical outcomes for your Lab.

Participants will also receive version 1.0 of "Lab-In-A-Box", a codification of the current Roller Strategies social labs practice.