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Chelsey Rhodes

Editor, social labs blog & writer-in-residence

Chelsey is a farm girl from Alberta, a Canadian province said to be “fuelled not by the energy locked away in the oil sands but by an all-consuming fire of anger in their hearts.” Her pet cows were called “Hamburger” and “T-bone,” named mostly to teach her the value of non-attachment. We are glad she’s on our side and not theirs. 

Chelsey is interested in examining global issues through the lenses of structural violence, power, and political economy. She captained her Div I ice hockey team and studied Molecular Biology at Colgate University.  She later earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Waterloo, and would channel her contrarian nature into activism around issues of poverty, housing, climate change, migrant justice, and gendered violence.  Chelsey is fascinated by trauma and conflict in relation to social change, and is pursuing training in somatic therapy and psychology.  

Chelsey has worked on human trafficking policy and HIV research in British Columbia, health and water/sanitation issues in Malawi, and on various projects at The Evaluation Centre for Complex Health Interventions in Toronto. 

In order to help finance her reading and writing habits she has also worked as a maid, vacuum salesperson, waitress, and bicycle valet. While never getting to be a barista (yet), she thinks coffee is important.  

Chelsey practices wandering and getting lost in strange cities, and “sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields” (see “Walking” by Thoreau). She has retired from competitive contact sports and is now mostly satisfied with yoga and bike rides.  She is currently based in Calgary- which she refers to as “Texas North.”

Chelsey dreams of a world where men stop explaining things to her.