managing director

Angela was born in the San Juans, a Pacific archipelago in the U.S. state of Washington. She grew up on Orcas Island, home to one of the last old-growth forests in the country. Angela escaped to Europe a decade and a half ago with her identical twin-sister, Erica. Erica ended up in Vienna, speaking Austrian-German accented English. Angela lives in the Big Smoke aka London. She speaks English.  

Angela is an experienced programme manager with 10 years of experience working within social enterprises in the UK. She managed a $5M+ NESTA programme to support and encourage growth within the creative economy across the UK. She co-founded at{mine}, an online community for design lovers. 

Over 2016 she worked extensively in Chicago on The Grove 3547, a Roller partnership with the Chicago Community Trust. She teaches on the Social Labs Masterclass supporting people to understand the business case for strategic responses to complexity. She is skilled in business strategy, leadership development, agile programme management, negotiation and facilitation.

Angela has an MA in Social & Political Thought from the University of Sussex. 
Angela loves living in London, her Siberian kitten Taiga, and cabbage. She really hates the commute to Oxford.