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A.J. Pape

A.J. grew up working in his parents’ small restaurant, vacuuming the carpets on Sunday while earning one dollar.  As the youngest of seven kids, he was wired from birth with a deep understanding of group dynamics; particularly, how to get the last piece of chocolate cake. 

A.J. comes from a small town outside of Toronto.  He set out for the big city at age 10 to attend the National Ballet School of Canada.  An English-speaking Canadian, he became passionate about  languages in middle school and stoked his fascination by studying bilingual cereal boxes and toothpaste tubes. 

At university, A.J. broke the First Rule of being Canadian and fell in love with Americans and their absurd enthusiasm for, well, everything. His college friends believed that people should try to make the world a better place, and he wound up studying grassroots responses to complex social problems in India and New Jersey.

In between sporadic nights doing story-telling, DJ’ing and comedy open mics, A.J. has spent his career helping teams listen to each other, get amazing stuff done, and occasionally cry. His clients have included Shell, HSBC, the world’s largest student leadership organization, and an animal rescue charity in Denver. His passions include improv theatre, everything Brazilian, and massive institutional failure.

A graduate of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Relations, A.J. also teaches embodied leadership at the Strozzi Institute and is working on waking up from white male privilege.